Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 229

Well it took 5 hours from the time I left the house to drop off the kids at my sisters to getting back home- but I made it. Now the kids are enjoying cousin time and Rob and I are having some much needed time for just us. The kids had a busy, fun summer, but Rob hasn't had s break in a while. This has been a really crazy busy year for his job, I'm so glad he's getting a week off now and we are getting some kid free time together too! 

Day 228

Been a bit of a frustrating day. Just a normal, nothing goes quite right kinda day. And I am so done with it!

And in case you were curious- When we woke this morning, we found Effie back to looking like herself again. And immediately asking to go outside too. She really loves to run around the yard. And Lindy is determined to make her her best friend. It's pretty cute!😻

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 227- Wordless Wednesday

Breaking the wordless part today. Effie got herself stung by a wasp or bee this morning. She is still swollen tonight, but is acting like her normal self.