Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things I've made sew far! :)

I have done crafts since I can remember, but I just recently started sewing clothes. I'll start with TJ's diaper bag. It's the first thing I can remember sewing that wasn't a quilt!

Next came the girls' Halloween outfits (2007).

The next thing I can think of would be the dresses I very quickly put together for Valentine's Day. I really just rushed through these...

It took a couple months for the next set of dresses, Thanks to TJ and his constant need for mommy!

TJ recently decided he doesn't want to sleep with me anymore, and once he made the move to his own bed, he started sleeping through the night- so now I am getting much more sewn! Like this dress and headband for my best friend Amanda's daughter, Molly! This is one of my absolute favorites and I am very proud.

Soon after, I made these shorts for the Lexi and Demi, with matching headbands.

Followed by these two outfits for TJ which I made with material that my big sis gave me for Christmas.

And finally, these 2 outfits for the girls. This is also material that my big sis gave me for Christmas. I made the tops with NO pattern- I can't believe I was able to do them so easily!!! There will be some improvements on them next time though!

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