Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Ready for the Craft Fair!

I decided to start making all those bandanas I have into some cute pants to sale at the craft fair in December. I figured even the Halloween one's I could put in there for really cheap. And since Halloween is coming up, I just grabbed the Halloween one's out of the basket to start with.

First, I did two more pair just like the one's I posted 2 before this post, so I'm not showing pics of those.
Next I did a few pair of these, which remind me of boys swimming shorts from the layout design of the fabric.
Then I did 2 pair like this. Sorry, the first side turned out blurry, and I'm trying to hurry and get to sewing so I'm not taking more pics!
Side 1Side 2 And I only had enough to make 1 pair of these- which are my favorite of the Halloween one's so far (I do have a few more to make).Then... I made these just because I wanted to see how it would look to have one solid leg and one print. I think they're pretty cute. Not my favorite, but I could see them looking cute on some girl out there somewhere! And finally... Here's a picture of my label sewn in the pants! :) This part gets me excited! :)
OH! And I almost forgot.... I wanted to watch some Project Catwalk the other night, so while I was sitting at the computer watching, I made these hair bows. I have to buy some clips to glue to them, but I figured it was another something I could sale cheap!
Time to go SEW!


  1. the third set down are my favs. love the tag! love it!!!

    the hairbows are adorable.

  2. I love your labels that you made. I see that it's made out of ribbon, but how do you put the name on there?

  3. Those Halloween pants are so cute and your label looks so good in them!! I love the hair bows...you should make some of those head bands too! I'm sure you guys are going to sell a ton at the craft fair.

  4. Love the bandanna pants,way festive and cute. The hair bows are great also. You are on a roll girl!