Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday TJ... And Lyndon???!!

SEW... if you look back in my posts, you'll see one for my bff, Cerise from her baby shower (August 19th). I have been telling her all along that TJ would love to share his Birthday with his future best friend- and can you believe it- it's actually happening! As of 10 this morning, she was in the hospital, dilated to a 4! I really can't believe it! I am so excited for her and John- and I think it is just so cool that Lyndon really is going to be born on TJ's birthday! I know there is still a slight chance that it could be tomorrow- but I am highly doubting it.

Sew... since Cerise is too busy to hop on and check out my blog, I will go ahead and post the burp cloths I made for Lyndon! I'm really mad though! I had everything ready, and realized I had only 2 burp cloths left! I was going to make her 6! One in each of the fabrics I used on Lyndon and TJ's quilts. Oh well... I guess he can have the other 4 for Christmas!

And you can bet I'll be posting a pic of the happy family as soon as I get back from visiting them in the morning! :)


  1. You are really turning out some great work these days. Very creative and cute fabric choices. Can't wait to see pics of the new baby as well. Hope TJ enjoyed his birthday! :)

  2. Ahh! So cute! You have to come over before this boy starts walking and talking....can you believe tomorrow will be two weeks! Also I think those burp cloths would be excellent to sell in packs of three. I know I would buy them.