Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More Bows

Last night I sat down and made some bows. Several I made for the girls for school- they have to wear uniforms, and some are to put in the craft fair this year. I need more ribbon already...

Craft Fair Bows (I personally LOVE the rainbow ones.)
School Bows
I have made 3 other things that I cannot post yet. Have to finish the one for Cerise and then get it to her still! I may just have to mail the thing if we can't get together soon. But we really MUST get together! Miss you Cerise!


  1. i lurve the bows! the first pic blows up but the second one doesn't. i wish it did...

    the rainbow ones are cool and so are the floweredy ones on the far right. i want to see a close up of the pink and brown bow.


  2. What cute bows. You are just a bow making machine. Way to go on getting your craft fair things in order already!

  3. I really like the brown and pink one. When are you going to do the craft fair? One of these years I'll get myself in order and join you.

    Miss you too honey! I hope we can see each other next week!!