Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scarves for My LadyGirls...

Sew, my bff Cerise used to crochet in the car on the way to work (back in the day when we worked! :P Also, she car pooled with her hubby- she wasn't crocheting and driving!). As the Thanksgiving trip to Round Rock was approaching, I decided I wanted to try crocheting a scarf in the car. I wasn't able to get with Cerise for her to get me started though. But, I remembered that my wonderful Grandma had given me this crochet book and told me that it made it all real simple. So I grabbed it, some yarn, and a crochet needle before we left. I am SO happy with that book. It really broke down EVERY single stitch and how to do it. And, it had a pattern for a very cute scarf in it.

I've now made each of my girls their own scarf. I did not have enough yarn left to add the fringe to the ends though. But I decided they were cute enough without- Mainly because the girls have been begging me to let them have them already! I finally gave them to them this morning.


  1. Those turned out very cute!! Love them!

  2. The scarves turned out great and I am really impressed that you pretty much taught yourself from a book. I am not one that learns from reading as much as hands on instead! Make sure g'ma sees your new creations. She will be so proud of you.