Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Photo Class- Day 9, Near & Day 10, Far

Softball season is in full swing around here which means I am a very busy person. And this year, it's busier than ever before.

Sew, in other words, I'm behind!!! Here's a quick post of 2 more days in photo class. I also have several projects to post, so hopefully I'll post at least every other day for the next week and get caught up!

Day 9, Near
I LOVE this picture. This was another picture I had snapped at my lil sister's super sweet 16 paint ball party. I took pictures of some of her friends like this that turned out fantastic too! In fact, I'm just going to post all 3 of them! I just adore how well these pictures turned out. Especially their eyes!

Day 10, Far
This picture I took on Easter Sunday. Something about it just sings to me. It's certainly not the best picture in the world. However, it just seems to play the tunes of my childhood when I look at it. I swear I can smell the honey suckle when I look long enough.

1 comment:

  1. Love the mask shots. They all look so intense.
    Love honeysuckle! Sometimes just the fact that a picture triggers a great memory makes it wonderful.