Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This seasons softball goodies and more!

Well, I'm slowly making more things... Just in time to maybe pump out a few items for Christmas presents. I've also been pondering an idea to help force me back into the blogging habit. I miss my blog. And I have also seriously slowed down on my picture taking. Sew... I'm thinking I'm just going to take a minute to post a picture every other day, or even every day. It's a start. And as I get crafting done, I'll already be in the habit of taking a few minutes to post so a few minutes more will be easier, right???

Now to posting things I've made lately...

Two close friends of my daughters' had birthdays recently and my girls insisted I make them memo boards. I was worried about the bright bold fabric on the first one, but that one turned out to be my favorite so far! I thought the fabric might over shadow the pictures, but instead I feel like the pictures stand out even better. So glad I went against my thoughts and made it with that fabric anyways. Lesson learned. Future ones will be more bold as well!
Next, my son and I tackled his pine cone reevclection (as he says it) and made this. Got the idea off Pinterest, which I must say is one thing I have NOT been slacking in! :P LOVE me some pinterest! Wish I made more things off there, but at least I've made some, and I'm still working on some more!
And finally... Another softball season has come to an end. Our girls made the jump to 10U this season and man I couldn't be more proud! They finished with a record of 7-2-1 and just plain were amazing! I know, I am biased, but seriously, they rocked! Our goal coming into this season was to finish at 500. We were confident our WILDCATS could win half their games. It's just that it's a big change from 8u to 10u. The bases are further, the girls start pitching, stealing bases, ect... Well, needless to say, these girls shined like they always do. And I'm left nearly in tears as another season ends and I know we are inevitably closer to these girls all entering high school and the WILDCATS team just being a memory. I'm so happy my girls are making these lifelong friendships, but I feel like I have 10 other daughters that just don't live with me and I am NOT ready for them to all grow up and move on!

Moving on... I always make the girls something at the end of the season and I really struggled with what to make them this Fall. I had my hubby, my sister , and my bestie, Cerise, all helping me come up with ideas. I even went to the store and bought everything to make something, only to wake up with the perfect idea the next morning and have to take all the other stuff back.

As our players get older and keep coming back and playing every season, they all tend to get their own bats, helmets, and bags. This season, we realized our own daughters were the only ones on the team without bags. We're toting around this huge bag with only their stuff in it when we certainly don't need to be. Sew, we bought them bags. And it hit me... BAG TAGS!!! I made all our girls bag tags with their name and number on one side, and the team logo on the other. And yes, I realize the logo side is upside down. Someone waited until the last possible day to make these and couldn't correct her error... I still love how they turned out though! The point is for them to see their name anyways!

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  1. You should join in my wordless wednesday...there isn't a link up or anything, but it feels good to get a blog up, even if it's just a picture.
    Love how the tags turned out!! You are such an awesome team Mom.