Monday, December 19, 2011

Softball Sweatshirts

My oldest played in her first select softball tournaments a couple months ago and I saw these awesome sweatshirts made to look like softballs. They had a little more on the front and back as well, but as soon as I saw them, I new I had to make some. I used freezer paper stenciling to do these. As a result... My pointer finger is still numb at the tip. It's been several weeks now... It is getting better though. I've been doing a ton of freezer paper stenciling for Christmas presents for my kiddos, so I'm sure that's not helped my finger. Actually, my whole hand is having some issues. My middle finger and ring finger are sore from catching (kind of- it bounced off the tips of those 2 fingers and then I caught it.) a foul ball that headed right for Demi's head at a tournament a couple weeks ago. It's an achy time of year apparently. My left leg is swollen and at it again too....BUT, I won't let any of that get me down. On the contrary, I've made several shirts (promise I'll post after Christmas) and am not stopping anytime soon. I also have 10-12 pairs of pants to make still. And even better... I planted a Silhouette Cameo seed in my hubby's ear and he's actually thinking about it! Praying it happens! I actually have started a folder of things I want to make with it. I have this one design I'm wanting to make 9 of, but my hand can't even handle 1 of it. It's too much cutting.

Here's a couple pictures of the blade I use to cut for freezer paper stenciling. It's become my personal torture device...
And here are the softball sweat shirts. I'm happy to say my girls love them! I think they are pretty cute too. My only complaint would be that I didn't bring the laces in enough. I still like them though! Oh, and it was pretty cold when I took these. None of us were up for trying to get the best pics!
And lastly... Am I the only person in the world never to hear of putting candles in the fireplace? We have a gas fireplace. And were informed before we moved in 4 years ago, that the line was cut therefore it wouldn't work. We wanted it fixed, but so far it's not happened. A few weeks ago we had our last ladies bible study for the book we were on and I walk in and immediately see candles burning beautifully in the fireplace. If you know me, you know it took me NO time to get some candles in mine! I love it!

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  1. Those turned out great! I really need to use my silhouette again. I haven't done much crafting at all lately. Hopefully that will change.
    I've seen the candles in the fireplace before and never tried it. It looks beautiful though! Maybe I'll put some in mine, since I'm not great at actually lighting a fire.