Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sew Much To Post...

I guess I'll start with shirts. I ended up making several shirts and pants this year. And best of all, the end result was me getting a Silhouette Cameo!!! WOOHOO! Though it's still in the box it shipped in. I actually didn't plan to open it until after my girls went back to school though. That's today, and I feel like the day is going way too fast for me to get to open it! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

For today, I will show the shirts I made. I also made 10 pairs of pants... But forgot to take pics of them. I freezer paper stenciled 13 shirts. Most were matching ones for my girls, and 2 were matching for the dolls they so desperately wanted (and got) for Christmas.

Here's the ones I made the girls.
Pretty sure I'm making myself one like this!
Probably this too... :)Someone was being a butt for this pic... But in case there were any doubt... We LOVE softball!And here are the ones I made T-Buddy (and those Thomas pants are one pair of the pants I made!).
He loves angry birds!And of course, Phineas and Ferb! Perry rocks!And he is most definitely still a huge Thomas fan!
Here is a shirt I am wanting to make for myself, my girls, my mom, my sisters, and my niece. It was just too much cutting to freezer paper stencil like the others, so I just wrote it out... I don't like it so much. I mean, it's okay for the kids, but not so much for the adults. I gave this one to my niece. But if i can get my cameo to do it, she'll be getting a better version too!
And lastly... I made my hubby and myself each a shirt. :)


  1. love them all! and nanny does not need a "better" version of that shirt. really it is awesome and i don't know why you don't like it. there are no mistakes--nothing is wrong with it. it is really a cool shirt. you are doing great and don't forget to check my pinterest board dedicated to you on the daily =)

  2. Those are all fantastic, you really did an amazing job. Munch just put in his order. He would like Angry Birds and Thomas. ;o)
    I think you did a terrific job on the cross shirt!