Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lap Desks

Sew... we have 2 tables. An absolutely gorgeous dining room table that stays covered by table cloths and no one is allowed to even think about sitting at to do homework, color, ect... and, our old smaller, beat up table that's located in my craft room. This is where my girls would do their homework. However, I usually have it covered in whatever latest craft I'm working on. I remembered this awesome lap desk I had growing up which allowed me to do my homework where ever I wanted. Naturally, I knew I had to make my daughters each one. I found a great tutorial online here. I've meant to make these several times since school started in August. Well, last week (or was it the week before?) I finally made myself get to it.

I started by taking apart 2 TV dinner trays that never get used.
Then I spent an hour going through all my fabric until I finally settled on some. Clearly, I was determined not to spend a dime on this project. And I'm happy to say, I didn't! EVERYTHING I used, I had on hand. So, fabric selected, I got to work. Took less time to make these than it did to pick the fabrics. I am thinking about covering the wood somehow still. Scrapbook paper, paint, I don't know. Maybe I'll let them each paint their own, then I'll seal it so it stays, and also won't mess with their homework! It's got to stay smooth.
Keep meaning to take a pic of the girls using these, I'll try and get one tomorrow. They have used them every day for homework since I gave them, and they have been in just about every room in the house already! :)


  1. Those look great! That paisley looking fabric is fantastic!
    I had one growing up too...but I can only remember using it a handful of times. I usually did my homework laying on my bed or the floor...

  2. I totally did mine laying on my bed and floor too. You still need a hard surface under there! :)

  3. I love these Alisha! You did a great job and bet your kiddos are going use these for a long time. Love that you did it all with things you already had on hand.