Saturday, May 18, 2013


Today, our girls played their end of season tourney. And won it! My younger daughter hit her first home run of the year too! As a team, we had 17 homers in 14 games. They officially finish the season (including the tourney) 14-0. Undefeated. It was wonderful. Directly after, the team had a pool party at another players house which was really nice. My kids are crashed so hard right now! And, I'm really tired... Must get this post up before midnight so I don't break my streak! I actually tried to post from my phone at the party tonight, but couldn't get it to work. I'll need to figure that out just in case I need to in the future!

Here's my little ladies with their daddy/head coach. I'm so proud of him as well. Monday we start All Star practice! :)
For the party, we decided to make cakes. First, it was cupcakes that were going to look like softballs. But, as this crazy week kept getting crazier, I decided I had to come up with something faster and easier. I ended up printing out a stencil using my Cameo, and then placing it over the iced cake and filling it in with sprinkles. Then I lightly sprinkled the rest of the cake, and added skittles for the laces. I think they turned out great considering how easy and stress free they were! (Although the chocolate one did melt and looked NOTHING like this picture by the time the tourney was over and we got it to the party. Tasted great still though!)

Way to go Wildcats! So proud of you all!

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