Thursday, May 16, 2013

The things we find.

So my husband, while not feeling well one day a couple weeks ago, stumbled across a show while trying to take a nap. (He sleeps with the TV going.) He couldn't fall asleep because of this show and within a few minutes was hooked. Over the past 2 weeks, I've "busted" him watching this show many times. And by bust, I mean, this is not a typical show he would watch. And he would prefer others not know he does. Though I'm not sure who would watch it either. (It's hard for us to nail down who the target audience really is.) So naturally, I gave him a hard time over it. Rarely does the opportunity arise that I can giggle at his expense. It's always the other way around.... I jump at the opportunity before it passes.

Well, this time, it's not passing, it's sucking me in. By this past Saturday, he couldn't take it anymore. He stopped mid episode and decided he'd had enough. No, he wasn't going to stop watching. He was going to force me to watch with him instead. And within less than 5 minutes of the 1st episode, I was hooked.

I hate to just tease any readers, but I'm NOT going to admit what this show is. I've sworn to secrecy. As much as we giggled and defended ourselves (to each other) for watching it- before accepting that to us it is truly great; I have to admit, it's lit a fire with a big purpose inside me. Which in itself I think no one would understand how, but us. The show is just not meant to do that.

With 3 kids, and homeschooling, his crazy hours, and many years together (just celebrated our 13th anniversary!) we rarely do have time on our own as a couple. We don't make time to take dates together like we should. We both love spending time with the kids as a family, but time with just the two of us, it's maybe twice a year. And I'm sure anyone else out there with kids understands. It is work to get time together. Especially when you don't have family within a 15-20 minute drive and nothing but time on their hands to watch your 3 kids. I am going to vow, right here, right now, that we try to get out once every other month together though. Even if just for an hour sometimes. We need that time. It's important in so many ways.

If you're in our shoes, I encourage you to do the same. Invest more time in your marriage, your kids will undoubtedly be rewarded as well.

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  1. Nope, sorry. As one of your best friends, I DEMAND you tell me.
    I got sucked into that Duck silliness not to long ago. I keep telling John to turn it off, because I REFUSE to get addicted.
    Making time for each other is super is making time for yourself...which I have sucked at lately.