Thursday, June 6, 2013

Completed project

So Monday I teased a project I was working on. It's completed, and given now. I had pinned a wooden sign a while back (like at least a year, I would guess) that I found on Pinterest. The saying just screamed my little sister. I knew I had to make her a sign of some sort with it on there. In the end, I decided to give some crayon art a try. I printed the saying using my Cameo, but the letters didn't stick to the canvas well, and the crayon bled through. It didn't match the original picture I had in my head, but once I outlined each letter to help it stand out- I'm so thankful for the unexpected. I really love the way it turned out. I gave it to my sister after her graduation Tuesday night, and I believe she is pretty happy with it. :)


  1. so when ate you going to start doing tutorials for all these great projects?

  2. A blow drier help vinyl stick to canvas. Very cute project!

  3. I guess maybe I should start taking pics during the process so I can do tutorials.

    For this- the dryer didn't help the canvas stick. I think it was over heat- because the dryer was used to melt the crayons as well!