Friday, July 26, 2013

Five Things Friday

I've struggled the last couple weeks with starting my list on Fridays. What to write about? 5 things... Hmmm... 

So I sit at my laptop thinking about all the possibilities while my sweet Dink takes my favorite bath in front of me. 
You know, the bath where they reach all the way behind their ears making sure to clean their face real good on the way back?
Yep... That one. I can't resist it. For as long as I can remember I've been that way. I can literally sit and watch a cat take that face bath for 10 minutes straight. It's adorable. Big kitty, little kitty, it doesn't matter. Kitten falling over on their first attempt. It just never gets old.

So, since Dink hijacked my brain with his cuteness, I leave you with 5 things I love about cats.

1. Cute!
2. Soft...
3. I love their personalities. Even when I'm busy hating them for not wanting to snuggle when I want to! :)
4.Kitty lickings! If you get a kitty that will lick your hand when you pet it every once in a while- it's special. Cats don't go around licking the hands of every person they meet like many dogs do. So when a kitty licks you, it's legit. You are loved. 
5. Puurrrrrrrr. 

Seriously, I'm having a super hard time stopping there. There are SO many more reasons. I may have to revisit this and post 5 more reasons later this year!

My current cuddly loves.



  1. I have been AWFUL at doing my 5 things brain has just been in other places this summer. I totally think a vacation would help ;o)
    Your babies are so cute. Love the one of Katniss basking. I always get jealous of cats laying in the sun without a worry in the world.