Thursday, July 4, 2013

Forth of July

Today, we celebrate more than America's birthday in our house- my oldest baby turned 11 today. She is an absolute gift from God and I am thoroughly enjoying watching her as she grows and matures. Today, she chose fireworks again. (I'm pretty sure she's chosen to see fireworks twice every single year since she was old enough to get to choose!)
We parked and walked a beautiful trail to get there.
Lexi was super excited about the rock climbing wall!
Demi is usually to afraid of heights to try something like this, but she was all over it today. She walked up and said it didn't look so high and that was it. Without a second thought, she was in line and shortly after she was climbing!
TJ was worried about how to climb... He managed almost halfway, then just couldn't seem to find any more spots in reach that he was comfortable with. He was really happy he tried, and wants to again when he's a little bigger.
We met up with some friends and all watched the fireworks together. Lexi really enjoyed getting to watch the fireworks with her siblings as well as one of her bffs.
The ending was insanely bright!

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