Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Happy List- Er... Thursday?

I totally did it again.... I was in a super big hurry Tuesday to get a post up and keep my streak going and forgot that Tuesday is for My Happy List, and Thursday is supposed to be Teaching Thursday... What can I say- I have moments...

So I'm linking to My Happy List today.

It's been a really wonderful summer so far. Right now, my daughters are at church camp. The same camp I went to many years. (I believe the last time I went, I was 16.) So much has changed. My little sister has been going to this same camp for 10 years now too. She is there as a counselor again this year with my girls and my niece. 

So... the last 2 years my older sister and I have loaded our girls on the bus, watched them leave, then hopped in one of our cars and talked... about driving up there ourselves for one day during the week. But we never do. 

This year, same thing. Only, my mom called in the middle of our talk, and started giving us the name of a cheap B&B across the street from the camp. And then mentioned the small hotel at the camp. Next thing I know, we called and had a room booked at the camp and were planning who's car we'd take and what time we'd head that way!
Our girls and little sister were all very surprised and we had a great time! Seriously, it was over entirely too fast! We got to see my girls sing with their church choir in front of the whole camp, and then they had a a Gallagher style message the night we stayed.

Our boys had a blast too. Pretty sure I want to be there the entire week next year! And... I'm ready for my girls to come home tomorrow!

I'm thinking that spontaneous trip was more than enough happy for this week's happy list! :) 
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  1. I remember those days! I remember GA camp at a Baptist Women's college not too far from here, and my youngest daughter wants to go there to college! :D

    I know y'all enjoyed seeing the kids special!

    It's okay that you're late....that's why I leave the linky open for a week! Sometime life interferes with blogging!

    Thanks for linking-up!


  2. Why do I have to be the "older" sister??? Why can't I just be a sister? LOL ;)

    I had a blast! Let's go all week next year!

  3. I think it's so funny that you went to camp with the girls, but it sounds like everyone had a blast!
    Tell Holly I get called the BIG sister all the time...I would much rather be older. ;o)