Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teaching Thursday- Almost!

In my home, we are slowly gearing up to start school again. Today, we went to the grocery store, and cleaned house all day. Tomorrow was to be nothing but a fun day. Going to the pool with some family and friends all day until they shut down. However... Hubby's car broke down tonight. So the kids and I now have no car for tomorrow. Boo. 

I'm focussing on the positives... It's a company car, so we don't have to pay to have it fixed. Huge positive. While tomorrow was the plan and is the best possible time for us to go to the pool- the pool will still be opened this weekend and next- so we will hopefully still get to go one last time before they shut down until next year. There is always the chance the car is fixed quickly in the morning and we can still go, just a little later than originally planned. And, if not- we definitely still have plenty to do around the house! 

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