Monday, October 21, 2013


Suddenly, all 3 of my kids have out grown all their shoes. So when we were given the night off from softball, we took the chance to go get some shoes. 

I'm exhausted. Shoe shopping with these 3 is a mess. Especially my oldest. She's reached the point where she has to shop women's shoes (size 8!!!!). So when her little sister finds this awesome glittered, neon, peace sign covered pair over in the kids section, nothing else stacks up... I don't blame her. It's rough having to decide and finding the pair that is so "you", but unavailable in your size. 

In the end, she found a pair she's happy with, and so did everyone else. In fact, they all found 2 pair- since their nice church shoes are too small now too. Please let these shoes last a while. That total adds up quick.


  1. vans will have some she loves =)

  2. The boys always seem to grow out of their shoes at the same time. Thankfully Munch doesn't wear his out too much yet, so Nox gets them. Although, Nox's feet are insanely close to the same size as Munch. I think he's going to out grow him for sure.