Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Terrible Tuesday- Sick Edition

Ugh... Day 2 of this stupid cold. This week has not gone as planned AT ALL. Thankful that my kids are old enough to help me out and watch out for each other when I'm feeling bad. Also thankful that my husband isn't around to catch it before his pending surgery. I just happened to get sick after he landed in Detroit for the week.

Speaking of him being away... Getting a text from my husband (30 minutes after he sent it because I left my ringer off!) stating they are being evacuated and he has no idea why- NOT COOL. However, by the time I typed a mass prayer request text and my finger was making its way to the send button, he sent another text stating all was okay, it was a drill. He called on his lunch break and said they were about 10 stories up when the fire alarms went off. Said it took quite some time to clear the building and lead them a block away before they received word that it was a drill and they could come back.

So glad it was just a drill, and- that I got the text late so I wasn't going crazy for 30 minutes not knowing what was going on!

Now, if I could just get to feeling better!

1 comment:

  1. Get well soon! Colds are so annoying.
    I'm glad everything is okay with Rob. The world sure is getting nerve racking lately.