Thursday, December 12, 2013

Got a craving?

I do! My husband randomly brought up banana nut bread a couple days ago. Not sure how, in 16+ years (has it actually been 17 now?!), I don't believe he's ever shared this info. Well, I've been thinking about making him some, which led to me thinking of making many others, which led to me breaking out my old bread machine today. I know exactly why I put her up years ago... She's bad for my health. I LOVE fresh baked bread. Any kind. Just plain white or wheat even. I'm going to really work on restraining myself this go round. I'd love to start making our sandwich bread. My oldest is so excited to try a cheddar jalapeƱo bread with her sandwich tomorrow. I just hope it's good. Never made it before.

As it's been several years since I put her away, I cleaned her up, and made a simple white loaf tonight. We eont try it until tomorrow, but it looks and smells like she's still working perfectly. :)

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  1. Man...I've been meaning to make banana bread for weeks now...Totally going to have to do that in the morning.