Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Geo caching

Today was our last full day camping. Originally we were set to leave today, but we decided to stay one more day and enjoy the nicer weather (first day here was a bit brutal). My parents left earlier this afternoon. 

After they left, we all went geo caching. It was the first time for my family, but my sister and her crew have done it several times over the years. We found one in the park we are camping in, then went into town and found two in the local cemetery. It was pretty interesting (the cemetery and the hunting!) and my kids and I definitely want to go check out the ones around our home- with their daddy! 
And because it's cute, here is a pic of the kids taking a load of trash to the dumpster.
It was a beautiful day!

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  1. Good times good times! So glad you got pics of our camping trip. I didn't take any :(