Friday, June 20, 2014

Fish Friday

I thoroughly cleaned both aquariums today. And saved 2 lives in the process. Hope they stay saved... 

These are small aquariums. I walked back into my girls' room carrying theirs. All nice and clean and filled about 1/4 the way. I always start them in the kitchen, to make sure the rocks and everything are set right, then take to their room, then bring water into their room and finish filling them. 

Well, their frog and fish were swimming in a sealed container made for the fish while I cleaned their home. As I walked back into the room with the fresh clean aquarium, I startle Joey, who gives me a very guilty look. I immediately looked up to where I had set the sealed container. It's not there. I look back down to the floor where Joey is. There's the container, still sealed, but all the water has drained, and both fish and frog are flopping around fighting for their lives. I'm so glad I always put some water in the aquariums before bringing them back in their rooms! I put it down, grabbed the container, took the lid off and quickly dumped the pour little things into their partially filled home. 

They weren't too pleased when I had to pour more water in. They hid for hours. They sulked. But they did seem to be coming back out and swimming happily around when the girls went to bed tonight. 

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