Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Currently 8/12/14

My bestie over at Craft Cherry does these currently posts that I've always really enjoyed, even though I don't know that I've told her that before... I thought I might give it a try on Tuesdays. Although, it might be something that I shouldn't do every week. I guess I'll decide as it goes along!

Watching: Survivor, Season 2 (Survivor is one show that my husband and I have always watched together. We are now re-watching past seasons with our girls! It's fun to share this with them and see them enjoy it like we do. That said, there are some more mature moments and very worldly discussions had on each season of the show that have to be addressed in our home. But I've actually enjoyed that it brings up such things as it's essentially become a teaching aid. One that I believe/pray is being very helpful for my girls. Especially as they are coming into the teenage years when they will see and learn so much about how cruel this world can be, and will be confronted by many pressures they have no clues about now. Watching with them has opened the door to us communicating about these issues they will face soon, which should have them more prepared ahead of time!)

Reading: Unbroken A WWII Story of Survival by Laura Hillenbrand (major change from the YA fiction books I've been reading all summer. But it is GOOD.)

Listening: Need To Breathe. I am hooked. I can't get enough and want to see them live so bad!

Making: A blanket I started 2 years ago and then put away. I grabbed it a week ago and have been working on it like crazy since!

Feeling: Exhausted. Just home from watching my oldest play a double header. Ready for bed.

Planning: To not forget to get my car to the shop for inspection and oil change in the AM.

Loving: MY LIFE! God has blessed me so greatly!

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