Thursday, August 28, 2014

Currently 8/28/14

Watching: Still haven't finished Survivor (season 2). Rob's been pretty much living in the bedroom, as he's hurting so much, so it's just not happening yet.

Reading: Out of the Silent Planet by C. S. Lewis (book 1 of The Space Trilogy/Cosmic Trilogy)- really enjoying!

Listening: To lots and lots of my little man reading this week! :)

Making: Same blanket, but also a couple other projects I hope to show soon!

Feeling: Blessed, stressed, a little overwhelmed, relieved, nervous, and happy. I think that's about it. Oh- and proud!

Loving: School. We've had a nice, long summer. I was ready to start school again a couple weeks ago, but decided against it. We started Monday, and even though we've had MANY obstacles decide to pop up out of no where with no warning each day this week, we've persevered!

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