Monday, November 17, 2014


Okay... So my actual birthday already passed. But we didn't get to do anything that day. I knew ahead of time, we planned it out. But I still really wanted to at least get our Christmas tree up. But that wasn't meant to be either. So I've wanted to every day since and it just hasn't worked out. Rob kept telling me that it would all work out on Monday. He even started "reminding" the kids and me that my birthday was Monday. lol! It was funny. And sweet. And- he was right.

Today, we had some delicious steaks for lunch. We got the tree up, all the decorations are out and I enjoyed watching the kids decorate more than ever. I'll be honest, I can be pretty particular about things and have been working hard to step back from that. Today, it actually just happened for once. I didn't have to tell myself to step back, I just enjoyed. It was nice. And after all the Christmas stuff was complete- we watched Mom's Night Out. I've been wanting to watch it. It was good!

Now, everyone is in bed but me. I'm sitting down to enter school assignments for the rest of the week. Then I'm out too!

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