Friday, November 21, 2014

Poor Buddy

Last night TJ was reaching under the table to grab Luna and somehow came up into the corner of the table with his eye... He's been so tough lately. So I knew pretty quickly that this wasn't just a tiny bump. He cried, and very reluctantly, and slowly, came and crawled into my arms until he calmed down. Then, he was running to the mirror to check it out! Lol! It could have been so much worse! He managed to skin the corner, below the eye and above, and in between. It never bled, just skinned it enough that the blood was right there trying to come through. It's was puffy right away, and we felt certain he was going to have a black eye today. But nope! We had him holding ice packs on it last night and today it's looked way better. Apparently it has felt better too. It didn't slow him down at all today, though he did tell me it does hurt when he blinks, so he blinks like crazy to make it stop! Love my sweet boy. 
Last night 

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