Saturday, December 27, 2014


Wonderful day with my family! Looked up and it was nearly 11 PM and I had thought it was only 8, or maybe 9 at the latest! It's now after 1 AM and we are back home, finally winding down and just cut the lights- time for some sleep! The kids are still a giggling.

I received some fantastic gifts! 2 of my very favs were a painting my little sister did
And a vase of red and green flowers my eventually brother-in-law gave me.
Did you notice anything about that vase?! Let's try another pic.
How about 1 last one...
He etched LOVE on the case, but the "o" is a cat head!!!! I think he got s bigger, longer, squeezier hug than he expected. :) I love it so much!!!!

There's much more giving and receiving to share, but I'm ready to crash! Merry Christmas again everyone!

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