Monday, February 2, 2015

Make It Monday

So, if you don't already know, my lil man is a lego freak. Obsessed. Anything that's not a lego (or video game), isn't worth his playtime! He takes them everywhere. He got Metalbeard's ship for Christmas. Nearly a 3000 piece set. I've lost track of how many times he has taken it apart and rebuilt it in the past month. Benny's spaceship, too. 

So, last week the kids and I went to IKEA with my older sister. First time ever for us (not my sis!). Suddenly, I see these trays, like food trays, and I tell my sister, who's whole reason for going was to get a table to make a Lego table- how perfect this tray is for a personal and portable lego tray, like for the car. And softball tourneys. She bought one, I bought 2. TJ, and Demi have played with the 1 I've made so far, many times, in the car. TJ also got to use it during softball tryouts already. It is so perfect! He loves it! I got a great bin with a lid that's locked on by the handles.  The only thing I wish is the bin being bigger- butthe point is not to take all his legos everywhere he goes. :)

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