Saturday, May 9, 2015

Meh... Well that grew

Well, instead of a day full of ball, we had a day full of movies. And now I'm the last one awake, can't get to sleep, but man am I tired... 

I am ready for Monday. 15 years of being married to my awesone man, come Monday. No big plans, we are taking a big family trip to the beach this summer, plus this is Mother's Day weekend. Plus pretty much every weekend is packed already. Plus he's had some situations at work and I won't be surprised if we have to post pone our lunch date because of them. But I don't care!!! It's still 15 years. Some of which have been excruciatingly hard. But we are still truckin'. 

Love is a choice, and you get to make it everyday. Every second. It's easy to give up when times are rough. It's hard work to stay together through it all. Everyone will disappoint you at some point. Only God is able to never disappoint, never let you down. I'm far from perfect, and when I'm feeling cranky with Rob, I ask God to remind me of my own flaws- which He usually does. In abundance. 

Too many people take the easy road out now. So many broken families. So much pain. It's something I've been passionate about for a very long time. Marriages are meant to last. I pray for my husband and I to celebrate many, many, many more anniversaries!

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