Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Remember there's rain..

Okay, so as a softball & baseball mom, and a league scheduler- I'm pretty sick of the rain this spring. But I know we need it. And today, it was cleansing. Literally. Rob and I had just finished chalking the first of two fields for games tonight when the downpour hit. No lightning. Just rain. Beautiful, fun rain. We hurried to put everything up and then waited to see if it would pass quickly and the fields possibly still be playable. It did pass quickly, but the fields were so muddy we both slipped and slid all Over them trying to get the base plugs back in. There were a lot of giggles. And we were drenched. It was wonderful! I love being able to play in rain showers like that. Mone of my absolute favorite things to do! I'll have to reschedule some more games now, but that's okay. Thank you, God, for the joyous rain today!

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