Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Super Proud

Tonight Lexi's coach called to tell me that she was amazing at practice tonight. That she was being a leader, that she was a rockstar, ect. I was still on the phone with him when they got home. I'm a very proud mama. Rob told me more about it and how she really stepped it up several more levels again. He then told me how Demi did fantastic tonight as well. It doesn't come as easily for my little short Demi, but hearing her daddy talk about the things he saw from her tonight. I'm so proud. And he was practically glowing telling me about both his baby girls. :) 

It may not be as exciting yet for the little man- but he made some great catches at his practice tonight as well. And he's wanting harder plays. He's enjoying practice more. He's still at that age that sometimes he's a bit bored, sometimes he's a little scared of getting hit in the face, but he's challenging himself and refusing to back down right now. It's amazing to watch. But also, makes him seem so much more grown up! 

Such a proud mama. Love my ball players.

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