Friday, July 10, 2015


Okay, I'm just going to throw a minor rant out here. Very minor. You've been warned.

Why are there practically zero protein bar/energy ball recipes out there that 1. Don't have more than 4 or 5 easy ingredients, 2. Are no bake, and 3. Do NOT require honey? Or agave or maple syrup!!! 

I'm eating healthier (75% of the time... I'm working my way to 100.), I'm trying to help my very active kids make better choices to go with their active lifestyles, because we all know that when they get older those eating habits will matter a whole lot more. Honey is something I've excluded. I don't mind the kids having it. It's really not bad for them. But I want a nice recipe for some delicious energy bites that we can all eat at the softball fields between games! And after workouts. Ect. I know the stickiness is key, but there has to be a way.

And is it too much to ask that I not have to experiment and come up with this one in my own? I don't handle food failure well. I can fail with a craft multiple times and keep at it, but with food... I tend to discard a failed attempt for months before getting the courage to possible kill my taste buds with a second attempt. Let alone a 3rd. 

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