Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Everyone should get their birthday off!

I'm a firm believer. Always have been. Now that I'm s homeschooling mom, you can bet we take all birthdays in this house off from school. And I really think each child should get to. What's one day each? It's not like they all have the same one. 

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  1. My son's birthday is in the summer when we typically have no school. My daughter's is in April. Mine is in the summer when we typically have not school. My husband's is in February. When the kids were younger we did no school days on my husband's and daughter's b-days. Mine and my son's being summer birthdays already were typically no school days. Now that they are older we don't do that --- not because there isn't value but we have found we take a lot off for other things so when a b-day roles around it's just another day and book work needs to be done.