Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 9

Rough start. Was up from 12:45ish until 5am because my stupid cold wouldn't let me sleep, woke just before 9 feeling like poo. But within a couple hours we were packing, packing, packing. 

The girls were invited to a friends for the night, but we said no as in not feeling great, Lexi is getting over her cold still, and we have so much to do. 

Then, Lexi gets invited to the Stars game tonight. Ugh. Rare opportunity and since she is on the better side of her cold, we let her go. Rob actually took her and a friend to the stadium to meet the girl that invited them and her dad. Three softball teammates at the game together. :) 

Stars lost, but this momma is very jealous. My girl not only went to the game, she was in the owners suite, with Marty Turco, they went and checked out all the players' cars, and went into the tunnel during intermission and fist bumped the players! No fair! Oh, and the dad bought each of the girls a Stars hat. What an awesome experience for my girl!

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