Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 42


So first, I started making us a key holder like the one I made my lil sis and her husband for Christmas. Then, I realized there was no way this would work for us, because rob is always coming in the house and dumping everything in his pockets. So I searched Pinterest, found the perfect solution, and begged my new brother-in-law.
It keeps going. :) Last Saturday, we had my parents, grandma, sisters and their families (minus a nephew) over and in walks in Shane with this beauty!!! It took us several days to hang it because we couldn't decide how we wanted to. In the end, we screwed it into the wall just like the original pin showed. We were wanting to be able to take it down easily in case of a big furniture item coming in or out of the house one day, but then we realized it actually doesn't stick out as far as the door frame, so it's fine! 
It's really beautiful in our entryway! And, I took the start of the key holder I was making and just turned it into a decoration. 

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