Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 64

I So, one of my besties pinned a pin today. Or well, she could have pinned it yesterday, I don't know when. I do know that it showed up on my Pinterest today.
And it got me thinking. I've been wanting my hair cut for a while. It's been growing like crazy for the last year. But time, money, the fact that my hair is in a ponytail of some sort 99% of the time... Well, this afternoon, I decided to do it. And, I'm sorry, but I totally failed in taking before and after pics.

I decided to go with the number 3, long layers with face framing. 

Cut 1.
Hair looks healthier, but also looks the exact same length to me. So on to...
Cut 2.
What the heck? I see some layers. I saw some layers after cut 1 also, but I could almost swear my hair was immediately regrowing back.

Okay, I'm going to be smart and go back to the pin. Number 1, long layers, should help get the length under control.

Cut 3.
Now we are getting somewhere. What I really want, is to do the number 5, mid-length layered bob. But I'm not ready to take that step yet. At least, not without a spotter to make sure it looks good. So, one more of the number 3 should make me happy.
I'm telling you, I was texting my sisters between cuts, and I was using those texts as a way to hold myself back. It's still way long!!!! After a shower, the shorter layers kinked up. I suddenly have some adorable curls. Which happen to be the only thing anyone has noticed so far. The boys haven't said a word, Lexi isn't here, and Demi loved the first ringlet that curled up. I had to point out that I'd cut my hair, and then I had to show her the pics because she couldn't tell it was any shorter!!! I had to of cut at least 4 inches in length.

Now that it's dry, the top layers are fantastic. I'm very happy with them. The long layers stayed pretty straight, and it just looks weird now- like I either straightened half my hair, or curled half.  That's the way it naturally dried. 

Overall, I think the cut itself is really great. I'm pleased that I can do it myself, and if I either straighten or curl one half, I believe it will be very pretty. 

However- it's still insanely long!!!!! I already told my big sis that I'm doing the 5 next week when I see her so she can make sure it's straight in the back. I have a few days to change my mind. I may keep it this way for a while. But if I were to bet, my money would be on the 5.

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