Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 67

Our classroom is kind of coming together. It's also kind of driving me crazy, but it's almost done. I really wanted to finally have it finished tomorrow, but I don't think it will workout. Wednesday looks good though. I just happen to be down to all the things I really don't want to part with, so I either have to find a place for it, or send it on its way. Add to that- TJ and Lexi want the same desk now.... Ugh. I thought it had already been determined, I thought everyone got the spot they wanted a week ago, but suddenly that's not the case. So either I'm just making the decision, or, I'm flipping a coin. Either way, someone will not be happy. Mainly- me. I was thrilled they had all 3 picked and gotten what they wanted for a change. I guess it was only a dream. 

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