Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 129

What a trip home from the girls' softball practice tonight. Stormy, yellow skies. Demi described this as looking like the Sephia tone you can put on pics to make them look old. And that is a very accurate way to describe them! Then, we reach the other side and the sun is setting, dark clouds everywhere but ahead of us, where there's this sunset that is just so gorgeous, and so colorful. And random clouds that look like they are bubbling from the earth to join the sky. The girls and I had fun seeing some random things in the clouds too. Pics never fully do it justice, especially when they're phone pics. But here's what we got. The main thing you cannot see that I really wish had turned out- there was this strip of seafoam green sky right in the middle. It looked almost like the sunset had been ripped and this piece of sky from some other place was showing through. It was so gorgeous! Definitely feeling God'd love through it all. :)

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