Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 136

House update

We really love our new house. And, I feel like it keeps getting better. We went from a nice, quiet neighborhood with practically no kids other than our own, to a nice, quiet neighborhood swarming with kids of all ages, shapes, sizes, ect!

When we first moved in, the 2 houses across from us were empty. We never noticed this when we bought the home. It turned out to be something that really, really bothered our kids. They spent the first month constantly asking if we could just go door to door and meet all the neighbors. Not only is that not exactly our thing, but we aren't exactly home enough to do it anyways!

We met our direct next door neighbor pretty quickly. One we got Lindy, they had a pup about her age, the first storm that hit knocked down a large section of the fence we share and that was it. Our pups are best friends. Both female, and they play every day whether it be through any spaces in the fence they can find, or one of them breaking out and the other family spotting them first. Or the countless times a storm has blown down various sections of that fence.. Our direct neighbors are a couple, and their adorable toddler girl.

First couple months- There are lots of kids on our street, but so far we never seem to be home when they are.

Fast forward to about 5 or so weeks ago, and, BAM! Both houses across the street are occupied. Directly across from us is a mom and her 6 boys. They moved from 2 miles away. Our kids are playing basketball in the street, the boys ask to join. A kid from down the street comes out and recognizes his classmate as one of the new neighbors. 

Since that day, my son has made 2 friends that he plays with pretty much daily. The boys across the street have a basketball hoop too, so we have a makeshift basketball court now. The number of kids playing in front of our house, and in our driveway, yard, ect still seems to be growing. TJ is having friends over. The theme here is, a whole lot of boys. 

Now, my girls are right out there in the mix when they can be. They are so competitive and athletic, they aren't going to miss out on playing any kind of ball! Lol. However, this week, girls have joined the party! My girls are so excited they've got some female friends on the street now too! 

I believe our highest count so far is 11. But the funny thing is, I believe only 1 of the 6 brothers was actually outside to be counted. Take him and my 3 away and that still leaves 7 kids from other houses. :) 

I also have to add, it's not all so great. We do have that one neighbor already. Cat hater. And at this point, I'm pretty convinced he's a kid hater as well. 

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