Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 152

Did you know programs exist that allow you to transfer things to and a from your iPhone without using iTunes? I didn't. Now I do, and things just got so much more simple. Aaaahhh. My husband had actually researched this a while back, but didn't share the info at the time. The thing is, we pretty much avoided doing anything between the phones and pcs because it was such a pain. 

Yesterday I bought an audiobook. And iTunes refused to put it on my phone. Okay, it didn't completely refuse, it told me I could restore my phone to factory settings, then it would allow me to transfer my purchased audiobook. No, I didn't buy this book from my phone or iTunes. I bought it from a website, on my pc. I bought the physical book, and they offered the audiobook super cheap, so I grabbed it too. And once I did, I really wanted to start listening. Only, we were going to be gone all day so I needed it on my phone to do that. 

I really like the iPhones. iTunes in the other hand, it's been hit or miss for me from the start. Sometimes it works, sometimes it decides not to. I'm now happy to have another program I can use. I honestly don't know if I still need iTunes for anything else, I'll keep it. Just in case. But I do know, I can now transfer my purchased mp3s very easily using CopyTrans Manager. It's also free. They do have other programs that aren't free, so I'm thinking if you want to completely replace iTunes, you probably have to get those. But I'm back to being happy with my phone and listening to my audiobook from it now. :)

Oh, and the book? Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie. So far, it's wonderful and so very needed by me!

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