Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 189

Bleh. I don't really post a whole lot about "deep" things. Right now, I feel the need to. 

Today, I took the Internet away from my children. No phones, no laptops (except for school), and no "ungrounded" date. They have to earn them back. A little at a time. 

I have wonderful kids, but they make mistakes, just as I do, just as everyone else does. And while they've committed no horrible crime, they've started some bad habits that need to be addressed and taken seriously. 

They need to understand that while friends are important, they won't all always be there. And though some are fun, they can still be toxic. They need to focus on finding those that will always be there, and won't take them down the wrong paths. They needs to focus on treating family better. They need to focus on the fruits of the spirit, especially within their own home. They need to be responsible for their own actions, and stop trying to place blame on others. They need to spend more time with family, and less time with devices. They need to be kids while they can, but they also need to step up where they should. 

I'm not asking them to do anything they aren't each capable of. They've been told exactly what's expected of them and how to earn some time back. Today, they chose not to do one single thing on that list. I get it. Now I hope after they've slept on it, they'll get it too.

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