Friday, July 29, 2016

Day 205

Woke up this morning to no wifi. Quickly followed was the discovery of our cable also not working. Should have known when I had zero hold time getting through to AT&T, followed by extremely courteous and prompt customer service, that something was wrong....  

Got a text when the storms hit stating they may not make it by 8 pm. They didn't. What's worse is, they were only supposed to come by to verify we were up and running again- because when I called they ran a line test and it was an issue with the main lines, not ours. Then, I get a text that we've just about used up our data for the month. Excuse me?! We are supposed to have unlimited data since the end of May! And, besides that, if my wifi was working I would be on it! Ugh. Ugh. And UGH! I know who I'll be calling tomorrow morning.

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