Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 242

So, Rob had to work, meaning I had to get Demi to gymnastics and Lexi had to skip practice. Again. I feel bad. Especially because Lexi really does NOT like missing practice. At all. Lol.

Anyways- I am so happy it worked out this way tonight because my Demi got her back handspring on the trampoline tonight! She has been trying so long to teach herself this one. After 2 classes, and maybe 5 assisted ones today, the coach stepped aside and told her to go for it. And she did! She was beaming! And so was I! 

She did have a big setback at home afterwards. She ran out to the trampoline and just stood there. Mental block in full force. There were tears. But she is so determined! I went out and talked to her for a bit, and BAM! She got it! She stayed out until it was too dark to be safe anymore. Her form isn't perfect, and the coach gave her instructions to work on her arms- I know she will. Just a matter of time and she will be doing them on the ground.

And again, since I can't post a video, here's a link!

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