Monday, September 12, 2016

Day 246

Co-op day! Can I just say- I love co-op day! I get to see my friends, and we have the goofiest bunch of kids possible. And it's really so special watching our kids become great friends!

Also, it's helped get our schooling at home going this year. I really wanted to trim down and focus more on less things. And this has been perfect to help with that. 

As a group, everyone is working on memorizing James 1:1-10 (working towards the whole book of James), we listen to and learn about a hymn together and then on our own switching hymns every other week, and this time everyone is to find a veteran and ask them what our flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance means to them, and each family is working on 5 different days of jesse tree ornaments to exchange around Thanksgiving. 

The older kids are mainly focused on writing, but also public speaking skills, reading Cheaper by the Dozen, going through The Fallacy Detective, ect. 

The middles are doing missionary studies- which bring geography and so much more with them, and reading The Indian in the Cupboard, and so much more. And, I just have to stop and say- my boy has caused me to tear up over his reading again lately. Since we moved, probably since before last Christmas with all the packing and prepping, I've hardly had him read aloud with me. We were so busy, I trusted him to ask if he couldn't figure out a word. And I just hadn't made it a priority again yet. I have really been in awe of his reading since starting The Indian in the Cupboard. I mean, he's just blown me away. So many words I know he hasn't read before and it's like he's read them everyday of his life. I'm so proud of him. 

I'm getting tired as I'm typing this and forgetting so much. I don't even know what all the littles do in their class! Our goal now is to try and make sure any of the not so fun stuff is done at home, and have more fun stuff together. Today, Beth sprung a little readers theater on the olders right before lunch and they had to read/perform it for everyone after. It was great! Hilarious! So thankful for these friends God has blessed me with! 💗💗💗💗

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