Thursday, September 15, 2016

Day 249

Well, Rob wasn't home in time, so Lexi had to miss another Thursday practice. Which didn't matter because practice was cancelled due to storms 30 mins before it was to start!

Tonight, Demi was told at the end of her class that she needs to work on not bending her back so much when doing the back handspring. And.... that they feel she is ready to move up to the next class! Already! The problem is, it's on Tuesday evenings during Lexi's softball practice also. 😁 And, well, work has been insane as it is this year, but it's getting ready to take a turn for the worst. Rob won't be able to help for a while. We are hoping they will let Demi just come to whichever she can each week. That way, if Rob gets home in time on a Tuesday, she could go then, but if not, she could just go on Thursday. I think they will allow it, especially because it is the same coach for both- but not sure yet. He asked her to come try the class as soon as she can though. 

I also plan to talk to Lexi's coach. It's my understanding that Tuesday practices are the more mandatory ones, but if they don't really care which one she misses, then she could miss her Tuesday practices and go on Thursdays. Right now, she's been missing Thursdays. I'd prefer she not miss any, but it's just not working out so far. I cannot be in 2 places at the same time. And the 2 places are too far apart to try and make something for both work with just me doing it.

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