Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Day 254

I am really sold on our new planners. I liked our planner last year. Online. And I could link any online stuff for them so they could just click it right from the planner. But, it cost a bit. And, it took a bit of work on my part. I never would have imagined I'd like any other planner over an online planner. 

This idea came from Read Aloud Revival, and I am so happy with it. I was very skeptical, but determined to give it a chance. It won me over in a matter of days. For under a dollar, each kid has their own planner. And I spend about 15 minutes, combined, total, filling them out each evening- so they are ready for the next day. 

I change up the colors each day which somehow seems to make it a little more fun on my part, and theirs. Some days have more work than others. And, I like that my kids are forced to read my handwriting. Honestly. If they can read mine, I can't imagine they'll ever struggle to read someone else's! Seriously. And you know what- they haven't once asked what something says. Not even TJ. I'm still kinda floored by that. 

This planner really helps me not overload our days, which keeps us on track on my plan for us to do less things, but do those things more. Get deeper into them. Also, it helps me not to put too little on days as well. Wednesday is our light day- but instead of only doing a couple things that take longer, I fill them with several things that don't take long. And then the rest of our time is spent reading. (TJ is about to meet Sirius Black!!!) 

Here's a pic of them that I took a couple weeks ago. I knew I'd be posting about it at some point!

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