Sunday, October 9, 2016

Day 272

Blog app is still crashing. So frustrating. Typing in notepad, then pasting Timmy blog seems to be working so far... 

Today, was a long one, but a nice day. Great weather. Family time. Then, I spent a few hours making breakfast burritos. I started making them in bulk a couple months ago and freezing them so we could just grab them and microwave them each morning. But last week my allergies were driving me crazy and this week has been a mess of busyness and migraines off and on. So we've had zero the last two weeks. Well, there are now 58 burritos in the freezer!

Side note on the migraines. I am now taking butterbur and magnesium everyday for my migraines. Since starting the butterbur, they have decreased in length when they come. They still come, but being down for 4 hours instead of 24, or 1 day instead of 3- huge difference. I added the magnesium just a couple weeks ago and this week has been my first issue since. Again, I feel it's cut the length more but still having them so far. Also, giant bowls of ice water are amazing. Once it doesn't hurt to simply move a finger, and I am able to get to it- stick the hands in making fists and then straightening over and over for as long as I can stand it... amazing. Literally knocks it out. Now, it might only knock it out for 5 mins, but I just have to keep going back to the bowl until it knocks it out for good. So far. Nothing ever seems to work EVERY time. But this is a game changer for me right now.

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