Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 275

So, today Rob made it home with plenty of time to take Demi to the More advanced Tuesday gymnastics class and I took Lexi to practice. Rob and TJ tried to find some Pokémon during Demi's class. Lol

I hate that I missed Demi's class but she told me they worked on the roundoff back handspring on the tumble track  some more- and her coach tried to get her to do 2 back handsprings in a row after the roundoff! She didn't get it tonight. Said she couldn't get her feet to land right to go into the next one, but she will get there!  They also worked on back tucks in the trampoline. 

Now Lexi. So, while she's practicing, I looked at Timehop and there's this pic of her knee from a year ago. Well, she gets in the car after practice and tells me her leg is just killing her. She pulls her pants leg up and there's a huge hole in her sock and then she pulls the sock down and bam- her knee looks exactly like it did a year ago! I had to pull up the Timehop to show her. I didn't get a pic of her knee tonight, but if it's still swollen tomorrow I will. The side by side will be ridiculous. I do pray it doesn't stay swollen though. Last time it lasted a few days...

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