Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day 291

Demi started working on her back handspring on the floor tonight at gymnastics!!! Her coach came over after and said she's ready to do it in her own, except mentally. He said he literally held a piece of her shirt while she did it. And that's totally Demi. She just needs a few days or so to accept it, believe it, and then achieve it. I'm so proud of her. 

Also, they had a new younger girl in the class tonight that didn't know how to do anything yet. Not even a cartwheel. Fresh beginner. The coach matched her up with Demi and had Demi show her each thing and spot her as needed on her turns, ect. He also mentioned after class that he was so glad Demi was there to help with the new girl so he could still spend plenty of time working 1 on 1 with each girl in the class. He said he knew she would be friendly and mature and he was proud of her. 

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